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Informations for applicants

The European Section at ITECH will be open for the 3 following majos in September 2017:

  • Formulation Chemistry

  • Plastic Materials

  • Textile Materials 

Students choose which major to follow directly in their 1st Year, contrary to the French section where the major is delivered in 2nd Year depending on the choice and the rank of the student.

This program is supported by the different Regional, National and European Associations of these branches.

The European Coucil for Paints, Printing inks and Artists ( CEPE) and some ofits members ( EU paintcompanies ) will fund scholarships of Formulation Chemistry major with internships and career opportunities in the Paintand Coatings industry.

UNITEX is supporting the Textile with sponsorship opportunities with companies of the Rhône-Alpes region.

Who can apply? 

Foreign students who have or will obtain a Bsc in Chemistry or chemical engineering and who have a certified level of English (B2- from CEFR levels).

French students coming from IUT, prépa, Licence, prépa ATS, CPI...

If you have questions and would like to understand more about the program before applying, please contact Cian Ashworth: Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.

Admission in 2 steps:

1st step: Admitted to ITECH after the jury, ,either at the beginning of April or July 2017.

2nd step: Admitted for an Industrial Scholarship after the video presentation:( Mid July to the  beginning of September 2017 )

How to apply at ITECH:

1st Step
A/ Register  before mid-June 2017 on ITECH’s website: take me to the registration form 

B/ Upon validated registration you will receive an e-mail asking you 
for :

1/ The transcript of Records + copy of your Bachelors degree (translated in English or French) if already obtained.

2/ A letter of recommendation from the head of your department (attached model)

3/ A cover letter detailing your wishes to enter the Masters Program and the major

4/ Language level certificate (Toeic/Toefl etc… ) recommended

5/ A photocopy of your ID

Please send these documents to Cian Ashworth : Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.

C/ As soon as we’ve received your file and considered as possibly admitted, you’ll be given a skype interview appointment during which we will evaluate your motivation and capacities of following the program in  English at the end of March or June 2017. If however you can be present at ITECH on one of those dates, it will give you the opportunity to visit the school.

A jury will take place on at the beginning of April or of July 2017, depending on when the interview took place, which will admit you into ITECH. You can partake for the industrial scholarship competition and choose you’re major.


*Concerning French Students applying for the Apprentice Status:

You can also apply for the English section. Your jury will be beginning of May.

 *Concerning Foreign Students:

You may need a definitive answer for enrolment earlier on in the academic year in order to organize Visas and other procedures. Your file can be studied during a jury for the Apprenticeship Status: interviews at the  end of March 2017 , jury and decision on  April 2017

2nd Step

Industrial Scholarship Competition:

Awaiting the confirmation of the 1st step admission, candidates will participate in the industrial Scholarship competition. It consists in preparing a personal 3 minute video “PAINT YOURSELF” presenting how you can contribute to the industries of the 3 majors ( Formulation, Textile or Plastics), most noticeably the Paint industry in regards to the Formulation Chemistry one. You can also show your interest and capacity to study in Lyon/ FRANCE. 

An evaluation committee succeeding the admission jury, in which the sponsoring companies will partake, will select the best candidates for scholarships for the Master program course and designate sponsor companies. This committee will take place
mid July 2017.


Important: Please prepare your video before the  end of June 2017 parallel to your application and awaiting the decision of the jury  of the beginning of July 2017.


Full-scholarships: no tuition fees and 3 internships within a sponsor company.

No-scholarships: regular tution fees at 6500 Euros/Year

It is your responsibility to make sure you will be able to support yourself (accommodation and living expenses) during your stay in Lyon.